Friday, March 20, 2009

what's going on!?

So I've noticed,people have been drifting apart frm one another.Is it the mear fact that we are all getting older? Or the fact that we just avoid eachother? Why,this is going on I have no idea but I personally still care about even those who failed to stay close.Not relating to problems,
rumors,etc...lets face the fact is it hard to smile at someone and really mean it or do you do it because you feel obligated to because your in front of them!?God save us all. I include myself in the involvement of walking by and pretending everythings ok but its not.I wish everyone would just get along.Wishing is a way of hoping everythings going to be alright. As this spiral of chaos is revolving I continue to have faith in Christ that everything will come to order after all.We lighten up the world with good deeds
and good praise,we are loved and forgiven,we are the church and Gods temple, we have been created in Gods image.
Staying hopeful always!
God bless,

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

in response to the inccident that occured,and made public

As you all might have noticed,an incident has occured.Not sure how it began or started not sure why it happened,not sure not sure not sure.But I will defend myself on this one.The worse is previous drama that re-enters your life.What is a true friend? A friend that does not wonder or if.What is a liar?someone that's good at it. Why are there problems?
because the world isn't perfect,and the people in it make mistakes and learn lessons. If someone were to hurt you by which I mean verbally,or in any way why hesitate to be concerned right?..we are all human,its logic that were going to care and worry. Just want to clears things up.I admit what I do wrong,and that was not something I take responsibility of.Public humiliation is not the key to beleiving a lie.Insults don't hurt me either. Reality Check,I live my life day by day learning new experiences and realizing why things happen.They happen because you have to realize the obvious.Now in response to what everyone is pondering about,
It dosnt affect me.Or bring me down I am me,and will not be insulted or return the level of imaturity presented.What dosnt kill you will make you,you no power without pain.Strength is what I gained.And if someone is looking or expecting me to return the "smack" that was portrayed,you thought wrong.
I am Jazmin,and not changing or displaying lies to anyone. I am me,and forever will remain myself.Smiling,
head up high,God fearing young women. God bless ya'll!

Watch the way you talk,let nothing foul or dirty come out of your mouth,say only what helps,each word a gift.
Ephesians 4:29

Peace& stay faithful
Your friend

Friday, March 6, 2009

learning from the wise

so i felt inspired today while having a talk with my grandparents. Today is my grandmas 60th birthday.What she says is wise. I love and admire her so very much.
From what ive observed this is what came to mind while conversating with her.

"everyday is a brand new awakening, think of it as a brand new chance to start over again, another day to try something new, to try something extraordinary for once in your life because you only live once, so make the best if it:)"
Success in God is not measured on what you do, or by what people see, but by obedience.

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