Tuesday, March 29, 2011

With peace comes happiness.

According to society, with happiness comes wealth. Thank goodness i serve the creator of heaven and the earth, and not the creator of money and riches. I have learned throughout my walk of God that life isn't at all at ease, especially with the certain status of sufferage throughout the world many claim to say "God is coming". In my opinion, that saying I have heard it my whole life. Our God has been indeed "coming" all I know is that half the world is suffering, and here we are more ready than ever to serve beautiful people. If you are dealing with doubt, and insecurity, God has placed in you bravery and courage! I encourage you to be the person God designed you to be. If stumbling and logically knowning you will never be who God claims you to be you are living in doubt. I feel it in my heart, that God has called many young and elder to be an example, to save someone. The thing is, within these trials God has rose up a generation of worshipers. Those who fear God and him alone, not this culture, not the "man". Stand strong on your beliefs, you can do anything you want to. All it takes is courage, guidance from God and Action!

Just a thought...not a statement.

Prayers out to Japan ! xoxo


Success in God is not measured on what you do, or by what people see, but by obedience.

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